Vacuum Butt Therapy – 6 Sessions

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Vacuum Butt Therapy

Do you want a firmer, lifted and contoured view of your behind?

Our Non Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift is an effective way to get the boost to your rear that you’re dreaming of! This non-surgical treatment enlarges the buttocks by mobilizing the fat cells to the desired area while it tightens sagging skin, lifts, tones and plumps up muscles. NO Pain, NO SURGERY, NO Downtime, Immediate Results and its Safe & Effective

1 Session Includes:

  • Vacuum Butt Therapy firms, lifts and molds the buttocks through suction cupping technology
  • Russian Currents(electronic muscle stimulation) builds glute muscles like doing 200 squats in 30 minutes 
  • Butt Facial for pimples and blackhead
  • Wood Therapy massage with wood sculpting tools for fat immobilation to transport to desired area and cellulite reduction ( #Maderoterapia )
  • Cryo & Thermo Cellulite Therapies smooths the cellulite and fatty deposits on your skin.

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Our 6 sessions package, 2 times a week for 90 minutes each session.


Re-Shape Your Derriere!

Our Post-Treatment Re-shaper Panty provides shape, volume and consistency to your derriere.

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