Reclaim Your Waistline MeetUp

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Learn to Reduce Belly Fat Workshop + Fitness & ZUMBA Class!

Are you dreaming of a Waistline?

Struggling with belly fat? Me too!

Hi! My name is BeBe, I’ve been a nurse for 25 years and I live a healthy lifestyle on a my own weight loss journey since December 2017. I have managed to keep off 50 pounds with a permanent waistline minus 4 inches!

Tackling stubborn belly fat is quite a challenge! But through food tracking, exercise, behavior modification and lymphatic drainage massages I am winning this battle and you can too!

Learn how to strive through the stress and struggles of everyday life to successfully journey through a life of weight management with a new waistline to show off!

Note: Please bring or wear workout clothes for 1 1/2 hour fitness class after workshop.





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