Brighter Smile At Home Dental System 44% Teeth Whitening Kit Gel, LED Blue Light, Trays, Vitamin Swab Gum Protection & Remineralization



Get Your Brighter Smile Today!

Our at Home Dental System contains 44% Teeth Whitening Gel, LED Blue Light Lamp, Mouth Trays, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Swabs for Lip & Gum Protection & Remineralization Gel for Tooth Enamel

  1. Clinically  proven to whiten teeth faster!
  2. Lightens  teeth dramatically and safely!
  3. Immediate  Results!

Teeth Whitening Kit Includes:

10 -3cc syringes of 44% CP Teeth Whitening Gel  

1 – LED Blue Teeth Whitening Light

2 – Thermoforming Mouth Trays (1 Set)

2 – FREE Remineralization Gel

5 – FREE Vitamin E & Aloe Swab

Instruction Sheet


  • 44% Carbamide Peroxide.
  • Mint Flavored Natural.
  • Optimized PH formula for higher whitening performance. Kosher grade glycerin (no animal byproducts!
  • Formula reduces tooth sensitivity.
  • Why Kosher? Studies have shown that animal byproducts can be harmful and irritating on soft tissue).
  • Enhanced stabilization of formula for increased whitening performance.


  • If you have sensitive teeth, you should buy whitening gel with a lower percentage of 22% not 45%.
  • Be careful not to overload the trays! If the gel migrates to your gums, it will turn them temporarily white and irritate the soft issue.
  • Bleaching teeth can break down tooth enamel. Provided in the kit is remineralization gel to assist in replenishing structural integrity.

VITAMIN SWABS with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

  • Apply to Lip and Gums to prevent irritation prior to teeth whitening treatments.
  • Snap Q-tip and apply Vitamin E & Aloe Swab to your gums. This helps to prevent irritation to the gums or blanching of the gums.  
  • You will find a red line where you will bend until Q tip opens at one end.
  • Use the other end to cover your gums with the aloe & vitamin E. This step will protect your gums from burning or blanching (turning white from the bleaching treatment).


  • A calcium/phosphate fluoride shown to be effective in the enamel remineralization process.
  • Contains all the elements needed for the remineralization process in decalcified teeth.


  • Allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphate.
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Proven to remineralize small invisible lesions
  • Revitalize enamel after the Teeth Bleaching process
  • Easy to apply. Place in your mouth trays for 5 minutes for best results.
  • Can be applied before bed to provide thorough night time remineralization
  • Contains small amounts of sodium fluoride
  • The fluoride binds other minerals to the enamel.
  • The remineralization method involves calcium phosphate compounds, the primary mineral in teeth and bone. The process disperses into the tooth structure to “fill” the microscopic hole and repair early cavities,  actually making teeth stronger. The new calcium phosphate process overcomes these problems and remineralizes teeth rapidly.

These compounds make teeth less sensitive to hot, cold, air pressure and touch & increase the resistance of teeth to dental caries (decay). Teeth become sensitive when tooth enamel erodes or the gum line recedes, exposing tiny microscopic holes, or tubules, that lead directly to nerves inside the tooth. These nerves are the source of sensitive teeth pain.

MANUFACTURER: Florida Laboratories, Inc. has been providing quality dental professional strength oral products for 25+ years. Our innovative teeth whitening system supplies users with all the tools they need to safely and affordably whiten teeth at home.

  • Our gel is made fresh daily with a two years shelf life.
  • We use only Becton Dickinson syringes. Why? They are the global standard for the medical field. Made in the USA with US guidelines.
  • Only the finest ingredients: kosher USP glycerin (no animal by products), USP grade carbamide peroxide etc.
  • We formulate with 100% pure formula. No fillers or additives used.
  • We implement continuous laboratory quality testing of all products for quality assurance.
  • First manufacturer to introduce 22% and 35% teeth whitening gel to the industry.
  • Ongoing research for new and improved products.
  • All syringes as per FDA requirements are printed not adhesive labels that will peel off.

User Disclaimer

YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS, PERIODONTAL DISEASE OR GUMS THAT ARE IN POOR CONDITION, WEAR BRACES, HAD RECENT ORAL SURGERY, DECAYED TEETH, HAVE ROOTS THAT ARE EXPOSED, HAVE COLITIS, OR HAVE JAW PROBLEMS. You should consult with a dentist before attempting any at-home treatments and understand that there are risks involved if not doing so. A small percentage of people may experience reversible tooth sensitivity and gum irritation which disappears when use ends, or by decreasing the amount of time you bleach your teeth each time, or by increasing the amount of time between bleaching sessions. Your purchase designates you have read and agree to these terms.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Florida Laboratories, Inc. along with any and all entities associated with Florida Laboratories, inc. against any claims, charges, demands, damages, losses, expenses, and liabilities of whatever nature along with any legal or other professional fees and the costs of defense or prosecuting any claim and any other direct or consequential loss as a result of using any product.

Orders are shipped Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) via United States Postal Service First Class Mail.  USA. All orders paid for by 11:00 AM (EST) are normally shipped within 72 hours.

FREE SHIPPING within the intercontinental USA unless otherwise noted! FL sales tax is applied when shipping within Florida.

International orders accepted! Please understand that once a package has left the United States, it is no longer our responsibility. If you should require an invoice or special instructions on your customs form, you must request this prior to submitting payment. All country regulations, guidelines, customs fees/duties and miscellaneous charges, etc. are the sole responsibility of the recipient/buyer.


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