Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Post Op Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Dr. Vodder Technique

Improve your recovery time after surgery with our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

MLD for Post-Op recovery:

  • Lessens Pain
  • Reduces Swelling & Bruising
  • Minimizes Scarring 
  • Shortens Recovery Time

What does the Lymphatic System do?

Basically, the lymphatic system is the body’s cleaning crew and our immune system‘s defense. 

  • It transports lymph fluid, carrying infection fighting white blood cells, throughout the body to assist tissues and organs in removing toxins, waste products like broken or dead cells and viruses and bacteria, that we don’t want to be reabsorbed back into the circulatory system. 

The Lymphatic system does all of this while maintaining fluid balance between the blood and tissues. 

  • However, it’s a slow process and why swelling takes longer to subside and fibrosis and lumpy areas occur because the system is overloaded with extra fluids from the surgery; blood, tumescent fluid, etc. 
Our Bronx location where we provide pre op and post op lymphatic drainage massages for tummy tucks, liposuction and BBL surgeries

Ok, so why do I need Lymphatic Drainage Massages?

During a liposuction procedure, the surgeon inserts 1 to 4 liters of Tumescent fluid into the fat in the area to be treated. This is to numb the area while liquefying the fat to be sucked out easily by the cannula used for the procedure. 

Afterwards, the wounds are left open to drain out the fluid left inside after the surgeon has reached the desired amount of fat to be removed. Here is where the lymphatic drainage massage comes in to assist the lymphatic system in draining the overload of liquid and fat left behind. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is very beneficial to pre and post abdominoplasty and liposuction surgeries becauseit 

  • promotes healing of the tissues, 
  • reduces pain, swelling, bruising, and fibrosis.

MLD’s gentle massage also 

  • increases circulation, 
  • assists the body in eliminating wastes, 
  • increases lymphatic flow, 
  • prevents inflammation, infections, and 
  • help further contour the abdominals, rendering the desired results people are seeking today. 
These results are from manual lymphatic drainage massage after her liposuction surgery. Book your appt. Nurse BeBe (914) 433-4316

When should I start my lymphatic drainage massages?

MLD Sessions Before Surgery 

For maximum results we recommended starting lymphatic drainage massages with 2 to 3 sessions prior to surgery. 

  • This will begin the process of cleaning the vascular system of prior debris that may slowdown the healing process. 
  • It will also drain toxins and stimulate the immune system to aid in the prevention of infection.

It is an important to empower the body’s healing process before it’s disrupted by surgical trauma and medications. This is similar to taking a bath before your procedure to clean your skin to avoid an infection at the surgical site. MLD will cleanse your body internally in preparation for the surgery. 

Post Op MLD Sessions

MLD Sessions range from 45-90 minutes. Your Lymphatic drainage therapy should begin as soon as 24 hours after surgery, with the approval of the physician. 

The recommended amount of MLD treatments begin within 

  1. first 24 hours post op, 
  2. then every day for the 1st week (7 sessions),  
  3. per week for the following month (8 sessions), 
  4. then once per week until healing is complete; (approximately 15 or more sessions).


1 Session SALE $199 

12 Sessions SALE $1200

15 Sessions SALE $1500 

Ultrasound lipo cavitation may be added to your treatments as needed to break down fibrosis, reduce cellulite, smooth and tighten, as per evaluation.

📞Call or 📲text (914)433-4316 to schedule your appointment today! 

🚘MOBILE SPA!🚘Experience our manual lymphatic drainage massage services in the comfort of your home. 

👙🚘We ALSO offer additional at-home nursing care packages whether you have your surgery in New York City or out of town! 🚘👙

Mobile spa service includes: (call for pricing)

  • transportation from surgery to home or hotel and follow up medical appointments 
  • monitoring of vital signs and post op care and massages 
  • wound care and supplies: chuck pads, diapers, abdominal pads, 
  • urine and bowel monitoring, 
  • drainage tube maintenance and care, 
  • assistance with showers and dressing 
  • Faja changes, 
  • Pain management, medication assistance and pharmacy pick up


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