CAVI Lipo vs. CoolSculpting® for Fat Loss and Inch Loss Treatments

The single most competitor to the CAVI-Lipo (Cavitation & Laser Lipo) treatment has been the recent introduction of the CoolSculpting® fat reduction and inch loss treatment. Endorsed by celebrity Debra Messing, of Will and Grace TV sitcom, CoolSculpting® uses Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells and eventually destroy them.

Side by Side see how does CoolSculpting® compares to the CAVI Lipo process in clinical studies?

See the chart below.

Factors CAVI Lipo CoolSculpting®
Treatment Time 20 minutes 1 hour
Process Destroys Fat Cells Freezes Fat Cells
Results Immediate 1 – 3 months
Side Effects None Bruising, “Butter Stick” effect
Pain None Extreme Cold – Numbness
Average Cost $300-500 per body area $1000+ per body area

Bruising and “Butter Stick” effect; common side effect of CoolSculpting® treatment.

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