Julie Lalonde, BSN

Master Trainer

Julie LaLonde was the first authorized dealer of the Strawberry Laser in the USA. In 2011, Julie flew to the UK where she trained directly under the manufacturer and earned the very first Master Trainer designation. Upon her arrival back in the US, Julie helped facilitate FDA approval. Julie’s passion for the Strawberry Laser captivated Hollywood, and she was instrumental for the laser being showcased on many national television shows.

When Brenda and Julie partnered to open their first Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment location, they knew they were onto something bigger than just their own, successful location. Being recognized as experts in the laser field, many people approached them about partnerships. They witnessed all the misinformation and failing businesses nationwide and wanted to do something positive to highlight the true nature of this amazing product. Realizing that they could help people gain financial independence while helping clients with their inch loss journey, they began to sell their business model instead of just selling the laser on its own.

In just 6 short months, they went from one location to a total of three, with many more expected in their future. Current Strawberry Laser owners – doctors, medspa owners, weight loss clinics etc. – call Julie and Brenda asking them for guidance and advice.

Brenda Sanchez

Master Trainer – Certified Laser Safety Officer

Brenda Sanchez graduated from the University of Central Florida on a full golf scholarship. Throughout her life, fitness and nutrition have been the backbone of her success and happiness. After graduation, she became one of the few women in the nation to earn the designation of a PGA golf professional. In her twenties, she competed on several mini tours, including the prestigious Futures Tour. While playing professional golf, she was scouted by Golf Digest Japan and signed a contract to work as a fitness and bikini model. Unfortunately, Brenda suffered a traumatic shoulder injury which required surgery. During her recovery, most of which was sedentary, she gained weight. This was devastating to her. Due to constant pain, she was unable to box, run, spin and lift weights as part of her normal training regimen. The more weight she gained, the more hopeless she felt.

Julie LaLonde introduced her to the Strawberry Laser Lipo and the whole body vibration plate. She researched it and after she saw it demonstrated on the Rachael Ray show, she gave it a try. Her first month, she dropped two sizes and almost 20 lbs.*

It is her goal to promote healthy, realistic lifestyle changes that can triple your results as opposed to working out and dieting alone.

Bernett Boykin, Regional Director

North East Regional Director

Bernett Boykin-Evans, a nurse for 25 years, joined the team at Body Sculpt Studio when she saw first hand the results of obtaining the body she dreamed of with the Strawberry Laser Lipo. The most dramatic inch loss on the market without surgery, pain or taking time off work. So, she leaped at the opportunity to blend her nursing skills with her desire to help others change their lives and is taking a bite out of the Big Apple NYC. Join her on this journey of renewal and empowerment and get the body you’ve always dreamed of today!


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