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Bernett Boykin-Evans, Aesthetic Nurse, MLD Clinical Wellness Practitioner

Bernett Boykin-Evans, is an Aesthetic Nurse, MLD Clinical Wellness Practitioner & CEO of Body Sculpt Studio, LLC in New York City. Helping patients look and feel fabulous while providing caring, compassionate and competent nursing care for over 27 years. Nurse BeBe specializes in Post Operative Nursing Care and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for patients who had Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation or Reduction, and Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. As well as, anti-aging, non-surgical facial and body contouring procedures. For more information, call 914-427-9395 to schedule an appointment or book your TeleHealth call. Visit us on Instagram @SculptMyBodyNow for more before and after photos from procedures:


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