I’ve been on every kind of fad diet, you name it! They just never worked for me!

I once lost 80 pounds, had a personal trainer, walked 25 miles a week, and was on a medically supervised 1200 k-cal a day diet. Kept it off for a year and a half. But… Instead of being happy it was very, very Traumatic for me!


My doctor never told me that I was gonna lose my boobs, my derrière, and that I was going to look like a bag of bones with hanging skin! Very, very Traumatic for me! Of course you know I gained all 80 lbs. back and then some!



After that experience, I refused to ever lose that much weight again!  I finally got my boobs and banging booty back but it took close to a year!


OK, you know reality set in & I began to realize that life was too short to live an unhealthy lifestyle. So, since I’m a nurse I decided to open up my own private practice specializing in non-surgical alternatives to weight management in December 2017. I put together a weight loss program that not only managed my weight but implemented a visible boost to keep us motivated along the way! — Non-Surgical Laser Liposuction!



The beauty of Non-Surgical Laser Liposuction is there’s IMMEDIATE results without surgery! You get to benefit from skin tightening while you’re losing weight! So you’re constantly motivated by visibly seeing yourself drop down dress and pants sizes each week! Amazing!




No more being discouraged because you’re starving and hangry all the time when starting any weight loss journey! If you read the “About Me” picture at the top of the page, I mentioned the DNA diet. It’s not a diet plan with a food list to follow or calories to count. It’s a measurement of your hair follicles, finger and toe nails, urine and saliva to determine which nutritional plan works best with your genetic disposition. With this program you get the results you need to achieve your weight lost goals! “LOL, I’m not only the spokesperson I’m also a client!” #youcandoittoo





Ooops! 3/19/18 to 3/21/18 😲

Did I mention, the Quick Start to lose 5 pounds in 5 days! Yaaasss! I lost 5 pounds in 5 days! So, I combined the natural detox properties of the amazing IASO Detox tea to kick start my body to rid of the toxins while on my weight loss journey and it worked! You gotta try it too! (Click Here) I love the results and still drink the tea today to keep my results too!



I’m happy to say, I’ve lost 50 pounds, kept it off and I’m not struggling with all that loose skin! When it comes to skin care, maintenance is key for longevity! I continue with skin tightening & rejuvenation therapies provided at my practice. Let me not forget to mention my smaller waist too! Why lose weight without re-shaping your body at the same time! the secret to WAIST TRAINING is combining it with the Non-Surgical Laser Lipo treatments for PERMANENT results!



Most of us are on a weight loss journey…  I developed “Beautiful Body Nation” as a community of support for people who just want to lose weight and enjoy life while loving themselves for who they are and learning to live a healthier life without the pressures that society puts on us to be thin. Helping 100 families get healthier by providing alternatives to the traditional weight loss programs is my solution to the pressure I felt to be thin with consequences that made me miserable.

“Believe in yourself!… It’s your body… express yourself!” @BeautifulBodyNation



Let’s do this together! I still have a long way to go! Let’s build “Beautiful Body Nation” to a community that makes us excited to be a part of while striving to be healthier, happier & live longer, together. Let’s hold each other accountable, let’s motivate each other, lets encourage and inspire each other along the way! ~ Nurse BeBe @SculptMyBodyNow


+ Win a Free Laser Lipo Treatment!

Win a Free Laser Lipo Treatment!