JOIN US for the next 30 days and jumpstart your weight loss goals! 

At Forsaken Beauty Spa, we offer you SUPPORT * DIET TIPS * RECIPES * MOTIVATION and Our weight management program PAYS you to lose weight!

Here’s How The Weight Loss Challenge Works:

Challenge begins April 2nd at 6am EST.

If you want to get paid to lose weight, here’s how to get started:

  1. TEXT “My $5” to 914-427-9395 to register today!
  2. Tell us your weight loss goals, Enter how much weight you want to lose (5, 10, 20 pounds, etc. ) and post it in the comments section below or on our Instagram page🤔 You have 4 weeks (30 days) to do it!  Challenge ends May 2nd @ 6pm. 😲
  3. Figure out your prize and the goal that’s right for you. 🤔 Add up the prize amount by viewing how many people have joined by midnight on April 2nd.  Number of participants will be posted the morning of the April 3rd. EXAMPLE: if 10 people join @ $5 a week for 4 weeks = $200, 15% goes to 3rd place = $30, 20% goes to 2nd place = $40 and the BIGGEST LOSER wins $130 😃 NOW if 20 people join @ $5 a week for 4 weeks = $400, 15% goes to 3rd place = $60, 20% goes to 2nd place = $80 and the BIGGEST LOSER wins $260 😃 So TELL SOMEBODY to join! The more, the merrier!
  4. Achieve your weight loss goal and win your prize! Start and end your challenge with a picure standing on your scale with your $5 like my picture here OR SEND a 1 minute video, recording your weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss. Not necessary to post videos during the challenge but you can if you want to. Weekly Pictures are also required. Throughout the challenge, you’ll also post weekly weigh-ins with the “word of the week” displayed by your scale. Post ALL your pictures to your Instagram and / or face book accounts to document your weight loss journey and qualify for your prize. 💰
  5. Sign up at Forsaken Beauty Spa and enroll in the challenge today. By clicking the box you agree to pay the weekly amount of $5 for the duration of the challenge or pay in full.
  6. You MUST post to social media accounts at least twice a week to qualify for your prize! 🤔😃
  7. If you don’t hit your goal, the money goes to prizes for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.


Best of Luck! 😍


Let’s get started! 😃

Click the Button Below To Join

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

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Win a Free Laser Lipo Treatment!